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May 19 2023 3:49PM

Apples "iPad" is its most affordable tablet, with prices starting at $329 in most cases. The current version was updated in September of last year. The most affordable iPad in the lineup is the entry-level model.

For this reason, Apple decided to retain this iPads design same to that of earlier iPad models. However, this decision has drawbacks, such as using a lightning port rather of the more recent USB-C port. It is expected that this year will bring additional significant upgrades.


However, support for a wider colour spectrum and greater brightness will only be available on Apples more expensive iPad models.


The A14 Bionic chipset will power the new cheap iPad, which will also support 5G. The future cheap iPad, according to the same source, would have a USB-C connector. From that point on, USB-C will be present in every contemporary tablet in the Apple lineup. 



It is a little odd that Apple has chosen to stick with lightning ports alone for its iPhones and hasnt adopted the same policy for its iPads. However, if recent laws in the EU is any indication, they may be compelled to move from lightning connections to USB-C.



When this inexpensive iPad will debut is still unknown. But if Apples past is any indication, the next inexpensive iPad should appear this autumn during the iPhone launch event.